Europe’s Brittle Banking Union

Dec 28

Europe’s Brittle Banking Union

A Weak EU banking union could have dangerous side effects according to an article in the German newspaper der Spiegel about Europe’s Brittle Banking Union. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has negotiated a European banking union suited perfectly to his country’s tastes. It looks like a victory, but it could prove to be very expensive […]
Dec 15

The Bankers’ Dilemma

The financial sector has strong interest in a QExit (QE and anchored QEinfinit), which may give tapering the decisive thrust it needs. The dynamics behind this interest are embodied in the “Bankers’ Dilemma”. Read article
Oct 2

The Liikanen report

High-level Expert Group on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector. The Liikanen report propose it is not enough with increased capital adequacy and liquidity requirements. European banks should also be split into two parts, traditional banking should be separated from trading divisions. The High-level Expert Group was requested to consider in depth whether […]