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New York could be the big winner from Brexit, and China is getting killed on trade!

Article about the problem with Deutsche Bank with the fine from U.S. Department of Justice. Wall Street Journal reports its biggest shareholders and top investor, investment vehicles controlled by the Qatari royal family, are getting worried out the lender outlook. Deutsche Bank shares have fallen 45% this year and are now trading near €12 Read article. News also broke this week that Deutsche Bank received special treatment from the EU in recent stress tests. Read article

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More European banks can be affected by US Department of Justice

The $14bn Deutsche Bank fine according the German magazine Manager Magazin had previously reported that the Justice Department was expected this week to send a 100-page document to Deutsche Bank outlining a list of violations, identifying employees at fault and listing the fine it was demanding. Barclays and the Swiss bank UBS are waiting for settlement talks. Read article in

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